1 /blu:/ adjective
1 COLOUR the colour of the clear sky or of the sea on a fine day: the blue waters of the lake | a dark blue raincoat
2 SAD (not before noun) informal sad and without hope; depressed (1a): That song always makes me feel blue.
3 CONCERNED WITH SEX informal concerned with sex in a way that might offend some people: Some of his jokes were a bit blue.
-see also: blue film
4 once in a blue moon informal hardly ever: I only ever see him once in a blue moon.
5 scream/yell blue murder informal to shout very loudly in protest against something or because you are in pain
6 do sth till you're blue in the face informal to do something a lot but without achieving what you want: You can argue till you're blue in the face, she won't change her mind.
7 blue with cold extremely cold
8 talk a blue streak AmE informal to talk a lot without stopping
9 go blue if your skin goes blue, you become blue because you are cold or cannot breathe properly
10 like blue blazes AmE informal extremely: It hurts like blue blazes!
2 noun
1 (C, U) the colour that is blue: the rich greens and blues of the tapestry | She nearly always dresses in blue.
2 blues (plural) a slow sad style of music that came from the southern US: a blues singer
-see also: rhythm and blues
3 the blues (plural) informal feelings of sadness: Don't be surprised if you get the blues for a while after your baby is born.
4 out of the blue informal unexpectedly: a phone call from Jane right out of the blue
-see also: a bolt from/out of the blue bolt 1 (3)
5 boys in blue informal the police
6 (C) BrE Blue someone who has represented Oxford or Cambridge University at a sport, or the title given to such a person: a rugger Blue
7 the blue literary the sea or the sky
3 verb (T) BrE informal to spend money in a way that is careless or not very responsible: John blued all his money on drink.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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